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EASYMOVR is a service provider.

EASYMOVR administers the App and provides services to the customers, who are looking forward to get logistics and delivery services, EASYMOVR acts as just a "GO BETWEEN" between customer and delivery person. EASYMOVR does not own any vehicles. It connects customer with the best possible delivery person available in its network.

Information and content available on the App of EASYMOVR is secured by copyright and other property laws. Content is of this App is owned by EASYMOVR. The content is only permitted to be used personally and not for anytype of commercial use, the content is permitted to be downloaded by a single personal user, non-commercial use isonly permitted. Single fragment can be downloaded for Individual and non-commercial use only. Information or use,you may not recreate, trade, publicize, distribute, present in a different manner (modification), re-post, or otherwise useany fragment/part/portion of the content in any other way for any other purpose without requesting written consentprior to usage from EASYMOVR. Requests regarding use of the content for any other purpose except personal and non-commercial use is subject to permissions of EASYMOVR.

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It is acknowledged by you that all software's, programming, HTML coding contained in this App (EASYMOVR) is owned by EASYMOVR and its licensors and secured by copyright laws and other intellectual property laws andinternational treaty provisions. If any unauthorized access or replication, redistribution, disclosure, display or otheruse of the software is made against EASYMOVR. Violators will be prosecuted to the maximum possible extent, being prohibited by law, resulting in strict civil and/or criminal penalties. If any App owner wishes to link the App relatedt o the services of the EASYMOVR, they may produce a written request to EASYMOVR once the permission is granted then only the App would be allowed to get linked with the homepage of EASYMOVR. EASYMOVR reserves right to reject or terminate any service request after it is initially approved. However best possible explanation for the same would be provided to the customer involved in the transition.

EASYMOVR is not liable for any kind of issues claimed from customers related to food taste, food quality, etc. EASYMOVR is a delivery service provider and any issue related to food delivery services is our responsibility. Any issues related to food preparation, food taste, food packaging and food leakage from containers is the participating restaurants' responsibility. Any complaints related to it will not be entertained at EASYMOVR's end.

The prices mentioned in our App for the services may vary time to time and are subject to change based on factors such as day, time, weather conditions and availability of drivers. However EASYMOVR in any case will be providing fair prices and once the price is confirmed shall not change the same.

Rules of usage:-

For any queries write to us at hello@EASYMOVR.com

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